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Live Review: Koi Child w/ Astro Travellers & Vulture St. Tape Gang @ The Brightside

Koi Child Brightside March 2016 14

It was an exciting night Friday as Koi Child were devirginised with their fix of The Brightside. Previously playing host to other pioneers of sound such as Lurch & Chief, North East Party House and Deez Nuts, The Brightside was about to add another hit of musical genius to their list.

“There really are no limits to this versatile act as they pulled the crowd in with their unique sounds of juicy synth, steadily paced drums and synth-drenched vocals.”

The line up for Koi Child’s Brissy show was one of diversity and originality. First off the ranks was ultra rad psych-electro three-piece from Brisbane, Vulture St. Tape Gang (VSTG). There really are no limits to this versatile act as they pulled the crowd in with their unique sounds of juicy synth, steadily paced drums and synth-drenched vocals. What makes this live set even better is the fact that this triplet improvise all of their songs in one recording when writing them. Adding even more value to their setlist, VSTG bring to the stage MKO Sun’s leading gal Hannah Macklin who so easily stole the spotlight. With her golden vocals and radiating vibrato Macklin had the crowd gasping at every note.

Next up, another lot of local legends known as Astro Travellers. Like Koi Child this magical collection are composed of a whopping seven members. Silky saxophone, endless lyrical jaw droppers, and dreamy soulful vocals – this brissy outfit had it all. Featuring tracks from their latest EP ‘Seven Metaphors’ Astro Travellers won over the crowd.

AstroTravellers Brightside Koi Child 8

Emerging on stage in true Aussie fashion (literally) Koi Child sent a buzz of excitement through the crowd. Cruz Patterson (vocals) rocked a mix matched banana tee and Mambo bucket hat combo while Sam Neumann (trombone) composed himself in a trendy fluorescent tradie singlet and ‘speedies’. The temperature in the room climbed and bodies swayed to the beat at the Western Australian outfit dived into tracks from their self-titled debut album that was released that very same day.

Koi Child Brightside March 2016 18

Already you could see dedicated supporters rapping along to tunes other than pre-released singles Slow One, Black Panda and 1-5-9. From slow grooving, brass heavy tracks like Grease and Japes to upbeat, eclectic jams such as Wumpa Fruit and Black Panda the crowd embraced every minute. The jazz-infused hip hop act always deliver an addictive performance and their show at The Brightside was no different. Crying out “one more song”, one desperate fan even pleaded for “twelve more songs”, the crowd was left with a bittersweet farewell.

With a compliment and tip of the bucket hat from Patterson, the band left the stage leaving the room to reluctantly exit the venue. Being the humble humans they are, Koi Child hung around in the beer garden to meet the supporters who came out to witness their magic and share a beer or two.

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