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Live Review: Lime Cordiale @ The Foundry

Lime Cordiale Foundry 8

Sydney’s surf groove rockers Lime Cordiale have to be one of the most loveable laid back bands touring Australia right now. Not only do they make incredible soul-infused stoner-rock but their good looks and onstage charisma will make you week at the knees. Put simply, Lime Cordiale live are bloody fantastic!

“Every op-shop bargain bin decked punter was jumping and shaking their thang to the beat while feeding off each other’s positive vibes.”

From their most recent December EP ‘Road To Paradise’, Lime Cordiale started off with one of my favourite tracks Good From Far. Sounding like a synthy version of Sticky Fingers but with their toes buried deep in the Bondi sand, they ride the surf-pop wave with great balance and skill. Within seconds everyone was absorbed into the trance of Lime Cordiale’s sound, everything’s so beautiful and relaxed it’s almost impossible not to be completely submerged. Every op-shop bargain bin decked punter was jumping and shaking their thang to the beat while feeding off each other’s positive vibes. Lime Cordiale play with a festival attitude, creating an energy normally reserved for thousands.

Falling Up The Stairs is a reggae-soul track heavily driven by Brendan Champion’s Trombone and accompanied by sci-fi synthesizer sounds from Amaru Derwent on the keys. The track makes for a super catchy soul-infused song with tones of New Zealand dub. The groov-tastic track ended with a spontaneous jam, with an epic drum solo ultimately leading into one of their older songs Everything Else. The crowd favourite was without a doubt Not That Easy, which Lime Cordiale released as a single prior to their ‘Road To Paradise’ EP launch last December. Vocalist and bassist Louis Leimbach’s voice is so gorgeously raw and raspy, somehow perfectly suiting to their upbeat surf-rock sound. He could sing passages from the Bible and the crowd would’ve still be completely spell bound.

Lime Cordiale Foundry 10

Lime Cordiale have an outstanding power to overrule your emotions, no matter how you’re feeling they can take you to another wonderful place entirely. Lime Cordiale are a happy band, their positive energy and big smiles are as infectious as their groovy rhythms. Everything from sipping beer and chugging down red wine, to jamming out new songs before our eyes, we were transfixed by both their good looks and loveable charisma. Please come back soon Lime Cordiale!

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