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Live Review: Little May w/ E^st & The Ruiins @ Miami Marketta


It was an icy cold night last Sunday as Little May fans rugged up in stylish winter threads and sipped on drinks to keep warm. The indie-pop trio’s epic national tour to promote their debut album ‘For The Company’ was coming to a close and there was no better place to end it than in the artfully-styled band room of Miami Marketta.

Early arrivals were treated to the alternative blues-rock of Coolangatta duo The Ruiins. It was an awkward setup as the semi-bored guitarist stood centre stage even though the focus was on the lead vocalist/drummer in the back, who looked and sounded incredibly like Matt Corby. It was also slightly disorientating when half the backing vocals came from a recording. In saying that, their set was an enjoyable entrée ripe with tight-knit, upbeat riffs and rockified melodies to boogie to.

Main support act E^ST bounded on stage with confidence, energy, and killer vocals worthy of a headliner. The growing crowd was fully enamoured as the 18-year-old launched into Ellie Goulding/Imogen Heap-inspired electronic pop, complete with live music production and aerobic dance moves. As E^ST concluded with her undeniable catchy hit song The Ally, it was clear she had won over a room full of new fans.


Applause followed by hushed expectation flowed through the audience as Little May (with the addition of three touring members) solemnly walked on stage with dramatic purpose and hidden smiles. Dry ice misted the stage like an enchantment as the band broke into the first bars of Cicadas. The revved up ambiance alongside lead singer Hannah Field’s sweet earthy vocals made for a sublime affair.

The Sydney 3-piece may have been slightly bashful when accepting applause from the audience but were completely at ease with their playful banter. Before launching into the tambourine-flourished Home, Field revealed this was their first show on the Gold Coast. “I’m actually from Brisbane. I know it’s not here but it’s close. But it was when she was three so I feel like it doesn’t count!” guitarist Liz Drummond interjected, resulting in the audience laughing like old friends.

After the slow rising build up of Bow and Arrow, Field explained how they label their shows “emotionally charged bushwalks”. “We’re now going down Acoustic Mountain, into the angsty part where we’ll need to help each other out through the tough times,” she joked. This was followed by the turbulent aggression of smash hit Hide, which had hips moving and the crowd singing along as a united front.


In continuation through ‘Angst Mountain’, Midnight Hour was a haunting dreamscape of guitar licks and sultry harmonies, while Chemicals – a song Field mentioned as one they initially disliked until their album producer The National’s Aaron Dessner convinced them otherwise – was a numbing heartache of reflective guitar and wistful lyrics.

The girls dropped a cover of Icehouse’s Great Southern Land into the mix, accentuating it with mesmerising countermelodies and rich harmonies, thanks to the added baritones of their keyboardist and second guitarist. In the Sarah Blasko-styled My Oh My, Drummond took over as lead vocals while Annie Hamilton, temporarily traded in her bass for synth keys. Closing out with Remind Me, the girls channelled their inner rockstar and dance it out before thanking the audience and leaving the stage.

Maybe it was Sunday night tiredness or getting too caught up in the show, whatever it was had caused the audience uncertainty on whether to cheer for an encore. Unfortunately the awkward moment was drawn out too long and music came through the speakers signalling the show had officially ended. It was apparent the trio had purposely set aside hit song Boardwalks, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Aside from the anticlimactic ending it was a stunning night of gorgeous soundscapes, perfect to help get the crowd through another week of chaos!

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