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Live Review: Luca Brasi w/ Endless Heights @ Black Bear Lodge

Luca Brasi Live 40

It can no longer be ignored, the punk scene has seen a massive resurgence over the last few years. So it will come as no surprise to hear that Luca Brasi’s show at Black Bear Lodge last week was off it’s rocker. Accompanied by Sydneysiders Endless Heights, the Tassie larrikins showed the packed room of energetic punks a night they won’t soon forget.

With the crowd awaiting their daily dose of aggressive vocals and melodic instrumentation, post-punk defenders Endless Heights crammed tightly onto the small Black Bear Lodge stage. Their first Brisbane show since the release of new EP ‘Teach You How To Leave’, the Sydneysiders were the perfect burst of energy needed to enhance the buzz of the room. Ripping seamlessly through a combination of new tracks and fan favourites, singer Joel Martorana assured his connection with the audience was felt on a greatly personal level. The set had everything from crowdsurfing and stage invaders, with the boys in Endless Heights making the moderately sized room feel like an all inclusive floor show. Hopefully they come back very soon.

Luca Brasi Live 14

After waiting what seemed like an eternity for the Luca Brasi boys, their highly awaited return to a Brisbane stage had everyone elated. Opening their set with the energetic Borders & Statelines, the crowd immediately undertook the headbanging and stage diving tasks required to make the atmosphere just that little bit more mental.

The less than average acoustics of a too-small venue didn’t deter Luca Brasi from putting on the best show possible for their loyal following. With a setlist consisting nicely of songs from their entire catalogue of punk-rock, the four-piece energised the crowd to such a level one legendary crowd surfer was propelled skywards, almost knocking his precious melon on the support beam of the roof (totally worth it though!).

Such an energy never ceased and, if anything, only further intensified as singer Tyler Richardson had the crowd jumping and moshing at his every command. As the band ripped into their new single Aeroplane, the room erupted into an almighty singalong, as Brisbane fans were given their first taste of new Luca Brasi material live. Capping off an epic night with crowd favourite Viva Tassie Cabrones, the band seemed almost silenced by the ferocity of lovely (and drunk) voices standing in front of them.

Luca Brasi Live 24

With their third album in the works, the Brasi bandwagon is snowballing furiously, and when it comes time to tour that bad boy well…they’re not to be missed.

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Written by Sam Muggleton