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Live Review: Motionless In White w/ Darkcell & Crown The Empire @ The Triffid – 20.09.2017

All the way from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Motionless in White embarked on their very first Australian headline tour ‘Graveyard Shift’. The Triffid in Brisbane was their second stop for the tour. They certainly did not disappoint since their last tour to Australia in 2015, supporting A Day to Remember and The Amity Affliction on the ‘Big Ass Tour’.

Brisbane’s very own locals Darkcell were the first act of the night. Having previously performed over 200 shows to date, they were certainly no strangers to the crowd. With a very abrasive and loud industrial rock sound, Darkcell certainly kept the crowd enticed with their infectious energy and had the crowd constantly moving. As the four piece band performed one of their popular tracks Preacher from their latest album ‘Haunted Reality’, you could feel the energy amongst the crowd escalate. Darkcell certainly create an extraordinary atmosphere and keep their supporters coming back for more.

Following on for the night was Crown The Empire, all the way from Dallas, Texas. I think everyone would agree that in such a packed out venue there was a sense of unity and emotion throughout their entire performance. The band created such an energetic vibe that everyone couldn’t help but move the whole time, the lead singer—Andrew Velasquez—in particular engaged with the audience in such a captivating way. His energy and passion during the entire set truly showed the devotion to the lyrics and love for everything Crown The Empire is.

The headlining act for the night Motionless in White, embarked on their fourth tour in Australia and once again captivated the audience with their impassioned performance. They certainly are addicts for dramatics when it comes to the way they wholeheartedly perform every song. They began their performance for the night with Death March, a track from their album ‘Reincarnate’. As soon as the sirens rang to introduce Death March you could feel the crowd preparing and bracing for what was to come next.

Motionless in White certainly pleased their old diehard fans by playing songs from their much older albums. They featured Abigail from their 2010 album ‘Creatures’. Playing such a diverse range of songs that definitely pleased the crowd, they incorporated classics such as Devil’s Night and America from their album ‘Infamous’. Their latest album ‘Graveyard Shift’ was shared live with Australian fans for the first time. Performing songs including LOUD, 570, and Eternally Yours, you could feel the musical progression of where Motionless in White began twelve years ago to where they are now.

Having seen Motionless in White at Riverstage two years ago at ‘Big Ass Tour’, you can definitely feel a change in the way Chris Motionless performs now. His response to the crowd has progressed, creating an even more captivating emotional experience for everyone. Certainly not just musicians on a stage, they showed sensitivity and a enduring connection to the whole crowd.

Motionless in White reappeared to finish off their performance, satisfying the screaming of the crowd for an encore. One of the songs the crowd waited all night to hear was finally performed. Reincarnate from their album ‘Reincarnate’ was a crowd favourite. Everyone sang the lyrics we all love so dearly. “I live this, I breathe this, you crave it.” These words were screamed by everyone in the room, truly resonating with each individual and certainly Motionless in White themselves.

Written by Allysha Bianco

Photos by Dana Hope