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Live Review: RÜFÜS w/ Bob Moses @ Hordern Pavilion

01 Rufus

RÜFÜS has shot to stardom and their recent album ‘Bloom’ unsurprisingly attracted a sold-out show at the Hordern Pavilion, a fantastic classic venue for fans to feel close to big names.

Supporting act Bob Moses sufficiently pumped up the hungry crowd playing Like It Or Not with some serious steady bass backed with didgeridoo loops, a clear shout out to Australia. We were told it was about to get romantic, and Before I Fall was a sweet palate cleanser. All I Want was steady and gave us bright pumping tones, slightly repetitive, but good background trance music and a great mood riser.

Closing with Tearing Me Up I felt like the duo had done exactly what I had wanted them to do, I was excited. I was ready. Their manipulation of timing tone and crescendo left our hearts built up with anticipation and we were ready for the main act. RÜFÜS walked in with a light raindrop electronic trickle and strobe lights to match. Returning to their home in Sydney they opened with banger Brighter from their tour-named album ‘Bloom’, promising to bring some “sunshine” into our lives for the next three songs.

05 Rufus

Adapting lyrics to their hometown, they sang “Sydney don’t tease me like that”. The crowd chanted the last verse and erupted into a scream as we were lead straight into Sundream. We were all then suddenly lit up with a golden glow and were told that this was being recorded by triple j Live (a wet dream for many a punter). To finish off the sunny intro we were treated to the sexy Tell Me another fresh tune, but the crowd loved it.

The vibes were ridiculous! The circular lighting rig protruding from the stage casted perfectly timed beams of light, it was ingenious and kudos to the engineer behind that creation. Desert Night delivered a random yet fantastic drum solo mid song from James Hunt, matched with a sudden trippy red and blue 3D style light show on the drop. It was space-style remix with plenty of synthesisers and led straight into Say A Prayer For Me.

This was a straight up dance gig. It seemed like everyone was moving in synchronicity, the bridge of this tune built everyone’s energy and the crowd was one big flowing entranced d-floor. As if it couldn’t any better, they snuck Dena Amy on stage just for Hypnotised. Lose My Head was sexy, with some almost shredding mid song from Tyrone Lindqvist. Continuing on the showcase of new album Bloom, Daylight was a delight.

08 Rufus

Be With You had some ambitious audience participation seeing as it was such a new tune, but the crowd were ready to chant along lit up by yet again the golden circle rig, hopefully creating some sick shots for our buddies down at triple j. Until The Sun Needs To Rise was fantastic, but it was Tonight with the sick blue and red streams of lights returning that proved to us that RÜFÜS are indeed the masters of heartbeat manipulation. They also know how to be the biggest tease, with Bloom’s arguably best song Innerbloom.

First there was a green and blue dusk-like low lighting setting the scene. After the many bars of bass, soft lyrics, and quivering tones it felt literally like an orgasm when the synth came in, a “synthgasm” if you will. The release was ridiculous, we all felt the journey. I witnessed some fans on shoulders begging with animated hands “If you want me, if you need me I’m yours”. Like An Animal was a great way to snap us out of it and was the last song before the magnificent encore. With a new trance-like twist on Take Me and finishing with You Were Right, RÜFÜS closed one hell of a night.

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