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Live Review: Skegss @ The Brightside


Skegss’ sold-out show at Brisbane’s ‘Brightside was a night to be remembered, for both the set and the sweat! Things were loose from the moment the Byron Bay trio stepped onstage, kicking things off with Fun. The high energy track from Skegss’ debut EP ’50 Push Ups For A Dollar’ was the ideal opening to the twelve-song set.

The music that followed was a satisfying blend of the band’s old and new music, with the live performance undeniably more powerful than studio recorded counterparts. The atmosphere was also at an all time high. Frontman Ben Ben Bograil was spilling his happy-go-lucky charisma (and beverages) all over the stage, and the band encouraged rowdiness throughout the set.

There was an endless amount of stage diving, which began during the second song My Face and hit an all time high during Eat It. It was as if the crowd were going for some kind of record. Seriously, I was tempted to make scorecards out of napkins…

“I’m surprised that the adoring Brisbane fans are not still holding them captive in the mosh…”

Things slowed down for the songs Stranger, New York California, and Heart Attack. These feel-good tracks from the band’s most recent EP ‘Everything Is Good At Something’ showed that Skegss is a rock band with a heart of gold.  I remember thinking there was no way things could get any sweatier on that stage, but then bassist Toby Two String began to play the familiar riff of Skegss’ first hit single L.S.D…and everything went off!

Fans were shouting lyrics and moshing as hard as they could. L.S.D was a highlight of the night in which the band could see the extent of their cult following. Dripping with sweat, Toby Two String said to the crowd the Brissy show was “biggest gig we’ve ever played”, and then jumped into the final song Mustang.

The gig ended with Toby Two String and Ben Ben Bograil taking a celebratory stage dive. In all honestly, I’m surprised that the adoring Brisbane fans are not still holding them captive in the mosh…

Only one show left of the tour, be sure to check it out Bryon-ers! Read our EP review of ‘Everyone Is Good At Something’ HERE