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Live Review: Spit Syndicate @ Black Bear Lodge

spit syndicate

It was a ten minute wait for Aussie hip hop duo Spit Syndicate to hit the Black Bear Lodge stage, and it was clear that Brissy gig goers were in for a big night. Walking into the muggy, sweaty, alcohol-drenched atmosphere, there was sweat, middle fingers being thrown, and Biggy Small lyrics being shouted well before Spittas had appeared.

The duo were super amped, kicking off their sold-out ‘Know Better’ tour with straight-up banger Real. There was no hiding the Australian accent and slang as punters screamed back at the vocalist, ‘We’re too real for ya!’ This was a show full of pride, shitty politician talk, and VB tinnies.

There was something satisfying about the duo’s humble response to the crowd’s involvement and constant cheering. Many backstories later, they played their 2013 hit Amazing, which turned the already hyped and heavily alcohol-influenced crowd into a frenzy. As the song came to an end, rapper Just Enuf a.k.a. Jimmy Nice hit such a flawless high note that compadre Nick Lupi stopped, commended him, and made the crowd applaud him.

To add a little extra excitement and energy to the show, the duo premiered their soon to be released track Inhibitions. The crowd held onto every line, attempting to join in where they could. It was either a lot of repetition or just a damn catchy tune that had everyone screaming, “Getting lifted in a mitsubishi!” by the end of the song.

Finishing with their title track Know Better, the Spittas turned Black Bear Lodge from a small relaxed venue to a screaming sweat fest. By the end of the song, they had the crowd eating out their hands.

The amount of energy, interaction, and on-stage personality Spit Syndicate took on turned a boring Thursday night into a dance-filled night out. Fans left the venue feeling proud to be Australian, ready to buy a carton of tinnies and chuck on some Russell Coight. Spittas put on a fun and energetic show, and likely converted a few new fans of Australian hip hop.