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Live Review: The Tallest Man On Earth @ QPAC


Last Wednesday night I headed to see The Tallest Man On Earth at Brisbane’s QPAC with a few friends. It was my first time seeing a live music show at QPAC, so I was a little unsure of what to expect from the place which is often reserved for plays and comedy performances.

Sydney folktronica songstress Gordi opened the night with her unique style and strong voice filling the theatre. Included in her set was a beautiful cover of Courtney Barnett’s Avant Gardener, and the artist closed her set with a rendition of her single Nothing’s As It Seems.

After a brief intermission (something I wasn’t used to at a live music show, but it was QPAC after all!), Kristian Matsson a.k.a The Tallest Man On Earth began his set, literally leaping onto the stage. Opening the set solo, Matsson was eventually joined by his backing band for the second and third songs of the set, Wind And Walls and Burden Of Tomorrow. Several songs were clear crowd favourites, receiving cheers and claps once they were recognised by keen ears. One such song was the solo performance of Love Is All from The Tallest Man On Earth’s 2010 album ‘The Wild Hunt’.

Alternating between playing solo and playing with his band, Matsson kept the audience on their toes during the entire two-hour performance, coupling his infectious energy as he danced around the stage with witty banter. Examples of this humour and light-heartedness came in a steady stream, as Matsson joked with his band, claimed his guitar tech Anna wrote all of the songs, and teased the audience with “Thanks so much for listening! Since you were so good, I’m gonna play the same thing again!”.

Matsson changed things up again with a rendition of Little Nowhere Towns on the piano, before thanking the audience and leaving the stage to tremendous standing applause. Returning to the stage for an encore, The Tallest Man On Earth delivered a rendition of The Dreamer and a gorgeous version of Like The Wheel, which featured the four members of his band singing an additional four-part harmony.

Leaving the stage for real this time, Matsson and his band received a deafening applause and standing ovation from everyone in the crowd. It’s safe to say that QPAC probably hasn’t seen a show like that in a long time!