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Live Review : Timber Bones w/ HighTide & Elko Fields @ Woolly Mammoth

Timber Bones

The lower level of the Woolly Mammoth was thrumming with people out on a normal Friday night, unaware of the magic happening above their heads. The 70s vibe was strong when Timber Bones launched their latest single Banger (Baby I Told Ya) on the weekend, the building riddled with people in colourful silk shirts and Penny Lane coats, and their fans were bouncing off the walls in anticipation.

Unfortunately, that energy took some time to build up, and the night’s openers Elko Fields weren’t feeling the love at first. Despite being a two-piece band, Elko Fields filled the stage with a smouldering, sexy energy. Lead singer Kella Vee managed to maintain a high octane performance despite playing to an audience composed of a couple by the front and a girl with a LED hula hoop.

Luckily, by the middle of the set the crowds began to gather and realise what a spectacle they were witnessing. Elko Fields deliver a compelling show, mixing tantalising original tracks with the occasional cover to keep us hooked the entire set. They finished the set with Cough It Up, their newly released single, leaving the crowd baying for more.

Next up were HighTide who are long-time supporters of Timber Bones, having played gigs with them up and down the East Coast. They jumped straight into their particular brand of upbeat ska rock, throwing the crowd into an enthusiastic groove.

“It’s an aptly named banger of a song, catchy, upbeat, and ridiculously hard to resist having a boogie to.”

Looking like nothing so much as a group of mates just rolled in from the Byron, they give off an effortlessly cool California beach bum vibe that the crowd definitely responds to. HighTide’s cover of Sublime’s Superstar Punani had the audience singing along and flinging themselves from once side of the dance floor to the other. They’re an easy group to listen to and always deliver a good time for the punters.

Finally, judging by the audience chanting their name, it was time for Timber Bones to take the stage. Lead singer Luke Pauley strutted onstage, shirtless, blond hair flowing, and jumped straight into Hunt, one of their most popular releases of their career year. Every song held their characteristic energy and soul, with the crowd singing along word-perfect every time.

No song captivated as much as Rain, which is always guaranteed to have the audience swaying with their lighters in the air, crooning the chorus over and over again. Of course this was all just leading up the main event when Timber Bones punched out their new single Banger (Baby I Told Ya). It’s an aptly named banger of a song, catchy, upbeat, and ridiculously hard to resist having a boogie to.

With every show they play in Brisbane Timber Bones seem to rally a larger, more enthusiastic crowd. They’re definitely a group to keep an eye on, with the launch of their latest single just another strong point in a chain of successes this year. Boogie on boys!

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