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LO’99 Has Delivered Quite Possibly The Biggest Club Tune Of 2020, ‘Acid Worldwide’

Following on from remixes for PNAU, Stace Cadet and KLP, LO’99 has dropped possibly the biggest and most badass club tune of the year, Acid Worldwide. It’s all go for three and a half minutes as you tour the world with the clever tagline, “don’t drop bombs, drop acid”.

It’s LO’99’s tip of the hat to a dance music genre we all have a secret little love affair with.

“I’m stoked how this one’s turned out! A nod to my love for acid house and old school rave vibes while keeping true to my current sound. Hope you guys dig it as much as I had fun making it!” 

“I’ve been a big fan of acid house and all things 303 sound for a while now. I remember being in Helsinki at 18 years old, my dad had just moved there, and I randomly went to a Hardfloor show that my friend was putting on. It was my first real intro to acid house or well 303 sounds, apart from unknowingly maybe hearing them being used in Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, or maybe some random Hardcore songs as a young raver. At the show I saw all these people holding their 303 machines up, dancing with them in the air. Then after the show all these people lined up to get them signed by Hardfloor and I was so intrigued… I think after this I was like I want to know more and read up about the origins of acid house and what it was, got my head properly around the 303 and what it sounded like. Unfortunately, I don’t have a proper original 303 but I do have one of those sick new Roland Boutique TB-03’s and many plugin’s that replicate the vibe and a lot of acid house records!!!” – LO’99

It adds to LO’99’s massive catalogue of dance floor treats. Not only racking up some very impressive originals he has remixed some of the greats including, Fatboy Slim, Röyksopp, Kaskade, Crooked Colours, Peking Duk and more. This one show’s why he has topped the ARIA Club and Beatport Charts and flexes on his knack for producing massive club tunes.

Acid Worldwide is available now, everywhere via Medium Rare Recordings.

Written by Chris Lamaro