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Lockout Law Protests Target “Star Sh*tty” Casino

Star City 6

Sydney’s Star City Casino has been declared exempt from the lockout laws, and protesters have responded in the most imaginative way possible. Angry Sydneysiders yesterday rallied with protest group ‘Reclaim The Streets’, dumping a massive artificial turd on the casino steps and rechristening the building “Star Sh*tty”. Genius.

Protesters carried “The Mike Baird Memorial Turd” from the city centre to the steps of the Star City Casino and left the NSW Premier a large, brown token of their appreciation for his support of the lockout laws.

The casino protest is just another brick in the wall of Sydney’s lockout law resistance, following on from Reclaim The Streets rallies in September and December last year and another recent Keep Sydney Open protest. Despite its location in the centre of the lockout zone, the casino remains unaffected by the laws, leaving Sydney’s nightlife-lovers and Reclaim The Streets protest organisers baffled.

“These casinos have brought their way into a free pass, while at the same time funnelling all of the late night trade into their highly lucrative gambling halls,” organisers said.

“We are marching to the casino to highlight the gross hypocrisy of the government and the craven interests of The Star and Crown Casino.”

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Written by Jess Martyn