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Take Us ‘Round London Q & A: BEATY HEART


London-based electronic trio BEATY HEART have been turning plenty of heads here in Oz with their super infectious singles Flora and Soft Like Clay. The three English gents are now back with a new super catchy single Raw Gold and have announced their debut album ‘Till The Tomb’ will be in late July. We decided to ask the fellas the best things about their hometown and what we can expect from their first full-length release!

What’s your favourite thing about London?

The way my rent doubles every time I take a piss.

If you could take over The Shard for a night, what would you do?

Get some jacuzzis and some prosecco up in there. Are we talking the whole Shard or just the top? Maybe paintball?

Where’s the best place to eat in London?

Roosters Spot in Peckham, best wings in the South East!

Best place to get a classic cup of English tea in London?

My mum’s house!

What’s your favourite London venue to see live music?

There’s a bunch of old churches around London which sometimes put sick shows on. I saw Sun Araw and Laraaji at St Johns Church in Hackney which was cool.

What’s the best time of year to visit Buckingham Palace?

Is that where Tony Blair lives? Visit in the summer, gorgeous.

How do you feel London’s music scene or environment has impacted your music?

I think the chaos of the city works its way into our music. There’s constant noise wherever you are in the city, and and often it literally affects the music. A bunch of our songs were recorded in our flats by the road so there’s heaps of police sirens in the recordings.

We’re loving Raw Gold, what was the inspiration or story behind the song?

We wrote the song when we were on tour with Jungle and originally it was a super chilled out track which kind of crescendoed at the end. We played it to the guys in Jungle and they were into it, but they suggested we brought the filthy roid-rage ending vibes into the rest of the track,  so we went into the studio together and turned it into a banger.

For the uninitiated, how would you describe BEATY HEART’s live show?

Dank energy and sassy mother*ckers in the crowd getting real.

Lastly, what are three things people should know about your upcoming album ‘Till The Tomb’?

It’s out July 29th. It’s a raw piece of meat so slap it on that grill and get smokey wid it. And if you play it backwards there’s some Scientology propaganda…