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London Topaz Reveals New Single, ‘All I Need’

London Topaz (aka Nick Melitsis) burst onto the Melbourne electronic/dance scene with an undeniable force, leaving an indelible mark in just a few fleeting years. His sonic tapestries resonate with raw emotion, seamlessly transporting avid dancefloor aficionados across ethereal realms. London Topaz masterfully paints a backdrop of profound melancholy, infusing each note with elegance and an enigmatic allure. Now, the prodigious producer takes his talents to Sweat It Out, signing with the label and unveiling his mesmerizing new single, All I Need. This latest opus represents the pinnacle of his artistic evolution, showcasing an unparalleled depth in production prowess that solidifies London Topaz’s status as one of the most exhilarating artists to emerge from the country’s creative landscape.

To celebrate the new release today, London Topaz has shared with us the 5 best CD’s in his wallet.

Chris Lake – Changes

If you opened Nick’s CD wallet from 2009 this is track 1. It’s such a timeless record and always gives me a total sense of nostalgia, reminding me why I do music.

Deadmau5 – Strobe

This guy is my idol and this song is a dream, the way it unfolds and continues to develop over 10 minutes is remarkable. This one always hits me deep in the feels.

Eric Prydz – Pjanoo

Those pianos send me to another place. I always love when a dance record can keep you engaged without having to rely on a vocal. I’ll still be playing this record when I’m old and wrinkly. 5 stars * chefs kiss

RUFUS DU SOL – Innerbloom

Everything leads to that 5.46 moment. I’ve listened to this song countless times in so many different settings and it is special no matter where I am.

Fragma – Tocas Miracle

This is the greatest dance vocal, it just cruises over this 2000’s prog house beat and I’m all for it. This one is a sneaky throwback in every DJ set, if it was acceptable I’d play it twice, maybe three times


Written by Chris Lamaro