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Looking Your Sunday Best Q & A: Stacey Cicivelli from Self Talk

Self Talk Tavern

Self Talk are possibly one of the hottest new rock bands from Melbourne right now. We first fell in love with them a few weeks ago after hearing their earworm of a single Hypocrite, and we’re falling for them all over again with their latest single Clean Washing. We asked lead vocalist Stacey Cicivelli a few questions about the band’s laundry habits and what we can expect from their highly anticipated upcoming EP!

When it comes to re-wearing dirty clothes, what’s the dirtiest you’ve worn?

Sweaty gym socks. I was in a rush and couldn’t find any clean ones! Don’t judge me, please!

If you were a clothing item, what would you be?

Definitely not a sweaty gym sock. A beanie, because they keep you cosy and warm wherever you are. And they hide your bad hair. I’d like to help people hide their bad hair…

On a drunken adventure, what item of clothing do you commonly lose or break?

I’m probably more likely to lose all my money and my phone. But Frank [Morda] has lost a shoe in a mosh pit!

Do you believe in socks and sandals, or is it fashion over comfort for you any day?

I can’t say I’ve ever worn socks and sandals, and I don’t feel inclined to try it. It just makes me think of daggy dads.

What’s your most awkward Laundromat experience?

Eli [Hood] had a weird stranger compliment his nail polish at the laundromat, and then get really pushy and intense about it. He felt so awkward that he left without his clean washing, and had to send his mum back to get it. Mums always save the day!

What’s your major fashion “don’t”?

Matching velour tracksuits. With socks and sandals.

What’s the worst rip or spill that’s ended up spoiling your outfit?

Red wine. Or someone else’s vomit. Or a broken zip on my jeans just after checking in my luggage for a 20 hour flight with stopovers…

Can we expect more awesome catchy rock tunes like Clean Washing on your upcoming EP, or are there a few wildcards?

We hope all five songs are just as catchy! I think the energy that’s present in Clean Washing is definitely a signature of Self Talk, but there’s also some variety in there in terms of intensity and feel. It’s not all 100 miles an hour.

‘Seeing What I Want To See’ will be your debut EP, how are you guys feeling about the release? 

We are really excited about it! We’ve been sitting on these tracks for a little while now, they were recorded last year, so it’s going to be great to finally get them out into the world. We’re also really pumped for the launch, we’ve put together a line-up of bands that we absolutely LOVE, so it’ll be an awesome night!

Lastly, when can we expect a Self Talk tour? 

We’re teeing up a few interstate shows at the moment, fingers crossed it all lines up and we’ll be out on the road not too long after the EP comes out!