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Loretta Return With Vibrant Single, ‘All My Friends (Are Your Friends)’

Eora/Sydney-based pop-rock band Loretta have returned with their lively single ‘All My Friends (Are Your Friends)‘ – produced by Loretta’s own Nico Scali and recorded/mixed by Nicolas Mendoza (LaraDONEFOURPANIA).

‘All My Friends (Are Your Friends)’ emerges as a sparkling eruption of vivacious indie pop-rock, where the spirited vocals of frontman Ellis Hall effortlessly glide atop an unwavering rhythm section. The infectious chorus propels and soars amidst a symphony of anthemic, hook-laden melodies. The bittersweet storytelling and emotive outpouring is intricately woven into a rich concoction of enveloping synths and gentle pads, building towards a grand crescendo in the final chorus, culminating into a climactic finale.

Loretta talks about the inspiration behind ‘All My Friends (Are Your Friends)’:

“‘All My Friends’ navigates the complexities that come with trying to maintain a friendship after a breakup, delving into the challenges that come with sharing a social circle with an ex. It is a portrayal of the stage immediately after a relationship ends, encapsulating the bittersweet reality of seeing your ex move on, whilst trying to focus on moving on yourself.”

Accompanying the release is the music video directed by the bands own Nico Scali and features frontman Ellis Hall. The narrative unfolds with the lead actor lying on the floor, lost in music, as close-up shots capture the introspective and melancholic atmosphere. Transitioning to a domestic setting, the video portrays two characters passionately arguing, expressing their frustration as they grapple with the challenges of forging a new path in their relationship. As tension escalates, the video maintains a vibrant landscape, masterfully combining raw sensibilities of the early 2000s with contemporary touches, ending with Ellis bursting into a high-energy performance, dancing and singing directly to the camera, surrounded by friends.

The band have previously opened for the Thundamentals at Encore Manly and have also performed at VANFEST, sharing the stage with the likes of The VeronicasJulia Stone and Holy Holy. They have performed international shows in London, whilst selling out their own Australian headliners across venues such as Oxford Art FactoryThe Lansdowne and La La La’s.

‘All My Friends (Are Your Friends)’ is available worldwide now

Written by John Zebra