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Lucinda Poy Makes Her Flourishing Debut With ‘Just Fine’

Radiating with her vibrant energy, passion, and innate knack for crafting melodies, Lucinda Poy unveils her lighthearted inaugural indie rock anthem, Just Fine.

Having embarked on a transformative journey from Brisbane to Perth to immerse herself in the Advanced Music Artist course at the esteemed WAAPA, Lucinda Poy has diligently cultivated her musical prowess. Her dedication to original compositions was a defining thread throughout high school, marked by memorable tours in QLD and New Zealand to promote musical opportunities for fellow students.

Lucinda’s accolades continued flourishing as she claimed the title of Best Original Song at the Wynnum Fringe Festival in 2022. Demonstrating her versatility, she graced the stage for pre-game entertainment at the iconic Brisbane stadium, The Gabba. Since relocating to Perth, she has seamlessly integrated into the local music scene, becoming a prominent figure by captivating audiences across the city. Notably, her musical journey reached new heights when she showcased her talent on the widely-watched Channel 7’s Telethon, solidifying her status as a burgeoning artist with a promising future.

Lucinda asserts her presence with the release of her debut single, Just Fine. The track delves into the universal theme of overcoming disappointments and navigating the ebbs and flows of life with resilience. In this upbeat indie-rock anthem, Poy’s vocals weave a tapestry of emotional depth and wisdom that defies her youth. The infectious rhythm and Poy’s soulful delivery make Just Fine an effortlessly enjoyable listen, carrying the audience through a journey of empowerment.

“‘Just Fine’ is about piecing yourself together after facing challenges. People I’ve depended on have left without warning, built up my hopes too high… and I was crushed, so I had great material to work with! I wanted to reassure the listener that it would all be okay, that the facade of being ‘Just Fine’ would eventually turn true. ” – Lucinda Poy.

Brimming with a youthful spirit, her debut track captures the essence of her vitality and showcases a natural flair for refreshing and infectious songwriting. Just Fine is available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro