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Lucy Francesca Dron Unveils Her Emotional New Single, ‘Liquid Numbing Pain’

Brisbane indie-rock artist Lucy Francesca Dron has today unveiled her brand new single, Liquid Numbing Pain with a stunning accompanying video. This new one follows on from her previously very well received single, What Is Next.

Liquid Numbing Pain is a deep number that oozes a style of that later night underground blues bar vibes. It quickly lifts into a sing along track that takes the listener on quite the emotional journey of heartache. Twangy guitars layered over smooth flowing melodies, deep bopping drums and Dron’s signature beautiful vocal delivery.

Lyrically the track explores the desire to escape from the emotion caused from a broken heart.

“This track is a raw and honest retelling of my own experience of intense heartbreak and loss.” – Lucy Francesca Dron

The accompanying video was produced by Phoebe Faye and Johnathan Oldham. It’s the perfect emotional visual to compliment and already emotional tune. It sees Dron draped in silk, as she blames and torments herself. It’s quite powerful viewing.

Liquid Numbing Pain is taken from Dron’s forthcoming EP Leftovers, which is due out on June 4th. Lucy Francesca Dron has once again shown that she is a magical song writer and really takes the listener deep into the moment.

Liquid Numbing Pain is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro