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Lucy Lorenne & The Early Birds Reveal Upbeat New Single, ‘Tamagotchi Nights’

Lucy Lorenne & The Early Birds, a captivating indie pop rock ensemble hailing from Melbourne, have today unveiled their latest musical gem, ‘Tamagotchi Nights’, a vivacious pop anthem infused with a delightful dose of nostalgia. Complementing this infectious tune is an enchanting music video that captures the essence of the track and transports viewers to a whimsical journey down memory lane.

Having firmly established their presence with the debut EP ‘Summers Gone’, the magnetic Lucy Lorenne, accompanied by her talented ensemble, embarks on an exciting evolution of their enchanting sound. The latest offering, a vibrant power pop anthem, delves into newfound depths of sonic and lyrical sophistication, inviting listeners on a kaleidoscopic journey through cherished memories and musical innovation.

Crafted collaboratively by the creative minds of Lucy Lorenne, Matt Hargreaves, and the adept Flagrant Artists producer Ben Oldland (known for his work with Ūla, Ashwarya, Alley Eley, Genes, Sian Fuller), ‘Tamagotchi Nights’ emerges as a vivacious and rhythmic delight. This spirited composition serves as a heartfelt tribute to the purity of childhood wonder and imagination. Interwoven with a subtle touch of wistfulness for the bygone days of innocence, the song masterfully encapsulates the very essence of nostalgia in the post-millennial era.

Teaming up with the imaginative minds at Mediaroid, Lucy Lorenne & The Early Birds present an enchanting visual companion to ‘Tamagotchi Nights’. The music video channels the essence of the Y2K era, weaving a mesmerizing tapestry that transports viewers into a fantastical realm—a whimsical reinterpretation of Lucy Lorenne’s childhood haven. Amidst a backdrop adorned with a rainbow rug, a playful pink lava lamp, a retro CD player, and pixelated screens, the scene is set with a delightful assortment of nostalgic treasures, including Barbie dolls, aqua roller-skates, and butterfly cushions. This ‘Hi-5-esque’ aesthetic, radiating with Y2K flair, creates an irresistible resonance that speaks to the hearts of zoomers everywhere.

Through the captivating lens of ‘Tamagotchi Nights’, Lucy Lorenne & The Early Birds illuminate a compelling journey of ongoing artistic evolution and maturation. The enjoyable feel-good track is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro