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It’s Only June, But Luke August Is Here Right On Time

Luke August

Perth-based singer/songwriter Luke August has been tearing up heartstrings since the April release of his two latest singles One Heart and Refugee. His powerful vocals and unforgettable compositional style have been well-received by ears and hearts, and it’s not hard to see why.

One Heart starts with a thick, punchy synthesiser base, layered with shoegaze guitar melodies and wind chime sounds, leading into the first taste of August’s delicate falsetto. The verse tells an intense story of abuse, the blunt, emotional lyrics taking on an impressively smooth flow as August sings, “He’s been beating her and now she’s gonna cry/’Cause he’s out of alibis, smelling of perfume”. This sense of underlying despair in the verse is counteracted as if by magic by a hopeful lyrical turn of phrase in the chorus and licks of complex harmonies to colour the repeated melody.


Comprised of the same irresistibly catchy chords and easy-listening rhythm, Refugee is like a rock-heavy sibling to One Heart. Reminiscent of The Temper Trap’s smooth compositional style, the song’s hazy atmospheric synthesisers are the aural equivalent to a breath of fresh air.

A dreamy guitar melody soaring over the top is the standout feature, creating a mixture of smooth, anthemic rock with a splash of modern electronica, with August’s steady upper vocal range is a close second. If One Heart didn’t quite win you over, Refugee with its slightly more mainstream style will do the trick.

With his first two singles receiving such positive attention, we’re waiting in anticipation for a stellar debut album from Luke August, hopefully accompanied by a national tour! In the meantime, One Heart and Refugee should be enough to tide you over.

Written by Jess Martyn