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The Madhouse #7 – 22.06.2017

The Madhouse aims to focus on a select group of musicians, bands and acts who dwell in the underground. Showcasing genres such as psychedelica, shoegaze, noise-rock, electronica, lo-fi and alt-pop, this is a portal for new, underground music from the world beyond.

Usurper of Modern Medicine – House of Reps

If you’ve yet to hear Usurper of Modern Medicine, beside the excellent band name, you’re in for a real treat! Kings of maximalist psychedelic and noise rock, this Perth-based three-piece make music that’s pleasing for all the aural senses at once. Putting as much effort into their visuals as much as their polychrome reality music, Usurper of Modern Medicine’s latest release, House of Reps, is a homage to highly textured and dense krautrock. Music has never sounded so three-dimensional before. Buckle in, there is nothing else like this flying around Australia.

Washed Out – Hard To Say Goodbye

With his third record only a week away–’Mister Mellow’–Washed Out has dropped another slice of pure chill wave heaven, Hard To Say Goodbye. Applying a house music white wash over his already fluid and contextual beats, Washed Out is the pioneer in chilled musical production. Hard To Say Goodbye is an evolutionary track for not only the artist, but also his overall genre taking impressive pop cues into the mix. Accompany that with some top-tire visual elements and Washed Out will be sure to top those “Best Of” lists come December.

Planete – Guided By Flux

Mood, tension and personality is something so difficult to build in low tempo electronic music. Planete, on the other hand, bucks that trend with his intelligently crafted new gem, Guided By Flux. Constructed for both 2am dance floors and headphone-wearing forest walks, Planete masterfully merges the ambient world the techno world. Guided By Flux is a track of shift–it’s resolute in both deep, thumping bass while amping it up with industrial ambience. Australian electronic music needs Planete.

YOKE LORE – Goodpain EP

Until now, I didn’t art-pop could be this good! YOKE LORE’s ‘Goodpain’ EP is simply a masterpiece of soulful sincerity and musical compliance. Each track culminates into both a synth-pop gem and a blissful story telling devise. Adrian Galvin, the man behind the YOKE LORE moniker, uses his voice to guide the perfect instrumentation through thick and thin, both resulting in playful delicacies. There is also heavy discipline and conviction displayed on ‘Goodpain’, with Galvin’s lyrics shining bright on certain elements on the EP.

Written by Jake Wilton