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Magdalia’s Musical Masterpiece ‘Fault Lines’ Unveils a Shakespearean Saga of Love and Loss

Today, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter Magdalia revealed her latest gem, Fault Lines. The heartfelt ballad follows her previous 2023 single, Noreen.

Breaking free from the conventional boundaries, the self-reliant singer-songwriter Magdalia invites listeners to teeter on the brink of emotional exploration with her brand new single, Fault Lines. Delving into the intricate dynamics of a relationship pulled apart by divergent paths and the weight of worldly struggles, Fault Lines emerges as a memorable pop anthem.

This musical narrative unfolds as a poignant saga of star-crossed lovers engaged in a relentless battle against the inexorable forces of time. The song delves into the depths of human connection, illustrating a riveting account of two hearts fervently fighting against the currents of fate. Intricate beats, heartwarming melodies and Magdalia’s compelling vocal delivery make this track shine bright and highlight the exciting talent that Magdalia is.

The track came to Magdalia quite quickly; she came up with an idea and had a hit on her hands before she knew it.

The song is quite Shakespearean and is about a relationship doomed to fail. Ultimately neither party is at fault but there is no saving the relationship. Honestly I don’t remember writing it! I had the idea and then I wrote it so quickly I don’t remember it happening!” – Magdalia.

This release marks a daring venture into profound connection and personal revelation as Magdalia fearlessly navigates the fault lines of human experience through her music. This one is available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro