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Make A Pledge To Boomerang Festival 2016

Boomerang Festival 2016

It’s time to get in touch with the world’s oldest living culture and support the celebration of Indigenous culture at Boomerang Festival 2016.

Partnering with Bluesfest, the annual event will showcase the very best of indigenous culture through interactive platforms including visual arts, an array of music, dances, workshops, and traditional healing programs.

Bluesfest Director Peter Noble says “The Boomerang precinct at Bluesfest is all about cherishing culture and ending the disparity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australia.”

“This intergenerational exchange will allow our loyal audiences a unique hands-on engagement and experience, while allowing the Boomerang Festival to build audiences and find support as a future a stand-alone festival,” Noble said.

Whilst Bluesfest has lent a helping hand, Boomerang Festival also needs your help! Boomerang is currently running a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds for the festival to run independently once more in Bundjalung country in 2017.

To pledge your support click HERE