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Malaika Mfalme Reveals Soul-Stirring Debut Album, ‘Yasmin’

London-born, Tanzanian/Australian songwriter Malaika Mfalme has just released their immersive debut album ‘Yasmin’. Featuring a sense of timelessness and tenderness, the folk record pays homage to their personal experiences whilst grieving their late partner.

‘Acknowledge’ is a testament to the profound connection to the land and a respectful nod to ancestral spirits, conveyed through a mosaic of spoken word and harmonious refrains. Following the track, ‘Mother’ unfolds with a buoyant acoustic guitar and soothing harmonies as Malaika’s vocals narrate an ode to the nurturing sanctuary of Mother Nature.

This continues with the ethereal aura of ‘Dream’, as it blends with grounded reflections as Malaika delves into their initial dream involving their partner’s posthumous presence. The shock and subsequent realisation weave a narrative that transitions into the soulful and comforting ‘Spirit’.

‘Imagine’ marks the halfway point, featuring the piano’s entrance that seamlessly harmonises with the guitar. ‘Relief’ responds to the emotional landscape painted by ‘Imagine’, serving as a reminder of being acknowledged and cherished, accompanied by a profound sense of solace. The exploration extends into the lead single ‘Good Man,’ where strings and Malaika’s vibrant harmonies illuminate reflections on gender identity.

‘Younger’ emerges as a tribute to soul music and expresses gratitude to their younger self for enduring through time. Concluding the album, the titular track ‘Yasmin’ unfolds as an expansive and profoundly moving finale dedicated to the artist’s departed partner.

‘Yasmin’ is a poignant collection comprising nine heartfelt compositions that explore the artist’s personal experiences and vulnerabilities. Malaika shares, “While the world shut its doors and experienced the 2020 lockdowns, I was grieving my late partner. When I began writing it, I didn’t know it would turn into an album. It was my means of coping through writing about grief, loss, and then joy, healing and finally self-acceptance. Now I feel this album can help others move through that kind of pain, removing the taboo and shame western society places on grief.”

To celebrate the album, Malaika Mfalme will also be performing a one-off intimate launch show at Red Rattler Theatre in their hometown to celebrate the release on Thursday, December 14.

Written by John Zebra