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Manorism Unveils Captivating New Single ‘Sober’: A Journey through Emotions and Relationships

Manorism, the captivating indie dream pop collective rooted in the vibrant music scene of Melbourne/Naarm has unveiled their freshest creation, ‘Sober’. This mesmerising single beckons listeners into an immersive journey, blending poignant melancholy with euphoric sonic textures while delving into the intricate tapestry of human emotions and the complexities of relationships.

‘Sober’ encapsulates the intricate narrative of a relationship’s conclusion, blending the bittersweet chords of heartbreak with the shimmering notes of hope, creating a sonic tapestry that mirrors the complexities of emotional farewell.

Sober is about the release of emotions, particularly how freeing it can be when gaining clarity in the aftermath of a difficult relationship. In the context of the song, sobriety is about waking up from an emotional whirlwind.” – Shantanu Joshi, Manorism.

Infused with resplendent guitars enveloped in a reverberant embrace, complemented by the relaxed rhythms of drums, celestial synths, and the comforting vocals of their frontman, Shantanu, ‘Sober’ takes its listeners on a profound emotional journey. Oscillating between moments of vibrant optimism and heartfelt reflection, the track serves as a poignant ode to both the past and the promising future horizon. The compelling fusion of melancholic depths and euphoric heights is masterfully achieved through intricate layers of guitars and synths, culminating in a lush instrumental crescendo that lingers in the extended outro.

Manorism’s new single, ‘Sober’, is a mesmerising sonic tapestry that invites listeners to navigate the complex terrain of emotions and relationships, leaving an indelible mark on the indie dream pop landscape.

Written by John Zebra