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Mark Harding Goes Solo For Brilliant Debut Single “Say It Too”


You may not have heard of Mark Harding, but you may know some of his work! Harding performed on indie band Little May’s debut album and also performs live with artists such as Wishes, Dappled Cities, and Winterbourne.

Breaking out into a solo career, Harding has just released his debut single Say It Too and it’s an indie-rock masterpiece!

The slow-paced track exudes elements of funk, pop, and coastal drive vibes while Harding uses a combination of instruments to create a luscious soundscape. Written and produced in his bedroom and in various hotel rooms across the US, Say It Too is thoughtful and soothing as percussion and guitar riffs are layered underneath soaring melodies and catchy lyrics.

The Sydney based artist’s inspiration stems from the likes of Surfjan Stevens, Bibio, Gotye, and D.D. Dumbo, as well as from personal experiences ranging from falling in and out of love or just catching the bus.

Say It Too is surprisingly intoxicating and has definitely earned Harding a spot on our artists to watch list…well now as a solo artist this time. Sit back, relax, and listen to Harding’s debut single Say It Too below!