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MarMar Reveals New Single, ‘Heart’

In recent weeks, the multi-talented American/French producer known as Mario Pedron, under his moniker MarMar, has treated us to two remarkable singles: ‘Call On You’ and ‘Try (feat. LUUNG)’. With each release, MarMar has showcased his exceptional prowess and versatility in crafting infectious beats and captivating melodies. As anticipation mounts, these stellar tracks hint at the imminent arrival of a thrilling new EP, promising fans an immersive auditory journey like never before.

Entitled Feel Ok, the upcoming EP is scheduled to hit the airwaves in May. Building upon the anticipation, MarMar recently unveiled another enchanting single, Heart, offering listeners a glimpse into the emotional depth and sonic richness awaiting them. According to the artist, ‘Heart’ narrates a tale of rekindled emotions and the bittersweet journey of encountering lost love once more, a sentiment that resonates with profound sincerity.

“I wrote the instrumental for Heart originally as a much more piano centred track. It was a pretty emotional concept, and I was really leaning into the expression of the chords and melody. When I asked John (aka Easy Morning) to work on vocals with me, we created a story of lost love, and being so happy to see someone again that you never fully got to be honest with. Heart is a story about meeting up with someone from your past and finally being able to pour out your emotion to them but being hesitant about whether that’s the right thing to do or not.” – MarMar.

Heart encapsulates MarMar’s ability to weave poignant narratives into hypnotic soundscapes, promising listeners an unforgettable musical experience. Heart is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra