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Martin Frawley Goes Out On His Own With ‘Chain Reaction’

Martin Frawley

Martin Frawley was the frontman for esteemed Melbourne slacker-rock group, Twerps. Though the band had a devoted fanbase across the world, but more centralised in Melbourne, the group quietly broke up without any fanfare. Now, the audacious band leader has broken out solo with his debut album, ‘Undone at 31’, and its leading single, Chain Reaction.

What made Twerps become a resounding success outside their homely Melbourne counterculture was Frawley’s uniquely fractured lyrics and poignant delivery. To distance himself from his former band, Frawley has now adopted a more vivid soundscape and production method—particularly in the percussive and melodic sections. On Chain Reaction, the bevelling drums merely enhances Frawley’s longing lyrical base. Frawley’s rhythm section is made up of The Stevens’ bassist Gus Lord and drummer Alex Macfarlane.

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Speaking to LNWY, Frawley opens up about how the album is a chronicling of a falling out of a long-term relationship. The album’s track listing is built in relation to that, as it sequentially tells the story.

It worked in my 20s, but now people are like, ‘Nah, you need to rein it in.’ And I’m trying to,” explains Frawley.

Martin Frawley’s debut album, ‘Undone at 31’ will be released on Friday 22 February via Merge Records. Pre-order HERE. He will also be touring internationally throughout the year.

Stream Chain Reaction below.

Written by Jake Wilton