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Mary Handsome Drop New Track “Mirrors & Sounds” & It’s Freakin’ Great!


Brisbane surf-rock 4-piece Mary Handsome are no strangers to creating thrashing and carefree music, and their latest single Mirrors & Sounds is no different with a catchy riff and a headbanging beat.

With a youthful energy drenched in nostalgia, Mirrors & Sounds shows a polished and mature sound for the four larrikin Brisbane lads. It’s a happy-go-lucky track full of charming lo-fi vocals, fuzzy guitars, and wild drumming.

“I’d had the main riff on the back-burner for a while and always liked how it wrapped around itself and the bar. The lead riff in the verse was originally this atonal lick but the way the song worked out it got changed to something more fitting to the ear. I was keen on the idea of setting a whole song around semi-tonal build-ups whilst still maintaining a pop element,” says frontman Reid Cooper.

“Lyrically, it’s about a friend or significant other worrying about their friend’s or partner’s partying habits and the friend sort of shrugging off the remark telling them, ‘I hope you know it’s alright’. The whole song has an almost sarcastic feel to it.”

Mary Handsome’s Mirrors & Sounds is a great listen for anyone familiar with Spring King or The Strokes, or just needs a new addition to “I’m feeling pretty freakin’ happy!” playlist. Crank the new track below!

Mary Handsome Live Dates

Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

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