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Massive Attack & Banksy May Be Linked VERY Closely


For the past couple of decades, some amazing, thought provoking and seminal artwork has been cropping up on the buildings, walls and streets of a number of cities all across the world, having been seemingly designed and drawn by the now-famous Banksy. However, even though Banksy creates some incredible and deeply political works of art, most everyone is focused on one thing: who is this bloke?

While many were hoping that Bill Shorten would change tack slightly and call for a Royal Commission into Banksy, he may not have to, because a British investigative journalist thinks he has figured it out. Craig Williams, after analysing a fair stack of data, reckons that Banksy is none other than Robert “3D” Del Naja from the UK band Massive Attack.

That’s right, one part of the team behind some of the biggest tracks of the late 90s and early 2000s, as well as the ‘House’ track Teardrop has secretly been going around throwing stencil to wall all these years. Williams reckons that the evidence comes from looking at when and where the artworks crop up, and noticing that they often coincide with Massive Attack touring schedule.

In cities like San Francisco, Boston, Toronto, Melbourne and Los Angeles, there is a fairly strong correlation between major works and Massive Attack concerts, which, you’d have to think is more than just a bit coincidental. There are also some thematic similarities, with Banksy’s works about Hurricane Katrina coming around the same time as 3D’s work on a documentary about the disaster.

“But,” we hear you exclaim, “Del Naja would have been too busy being in Massive Attack to sneak off doing all this sick artwork!” Well, there’s an answer for that too, as Williams believes that 3D leads a team that helps him get all the artwork done. So take that, you non-believers.

Banksy and Del Naja have tried to distance from each other previously. Banksy named 3D as an influence and “just a friend” not wanting any relationship more serious, like being the same person. There was also a case where a British newspaper named Robin Gunningham as Banksy based on scientific analysis of artworks and geography.

Either way, Banksy has been a busy lad, dropping a whole stack of some of the world’s most renowned street art since his rise in the 90s. Have you ever seen Banksy and Robert Del Naja in the same room at the same time? Maybe Del Naja is just Banksy wearing glasses and a combover in a day job.

Check out Massive Attack’s hit Teardrop below!

Written by Max Higgins