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Mathilde Anne Reveals The Catchy New Single, ‘Crime Scene Cadillac’

Melbourne/Naarm-based pop punk artist, Mathilde Anne has today returned with a fresh new jam, Crime Scene Cadillac. The new hit follows on from her 2022 single, I’ve Had Enough.

A track that’s filled with mood, Crime Scene Cadillac is a perfect modern-day Australian indie jam. Expressive vocals, big dramatic moments and fuzzy rich guitar work, it’s one of those super catchy tunes in fact I’ve had it stuck in my head all week, there is one of those super catchy moments, you’ll know it when you hear it.

The tune is pretty much about loving what we shouldn’t, a kind of cognitive dissonance if you will.

“Crime Scene Cadillac essentially focuses on the idea of loving what isn’t good for you despite knowing that it may very well kill you. Whether it’s a person/an action or a substance… you just can’t get enough of it,” Mathilde explains. 

“This song voices my own personal experiences with addiction and poor relationships and that feeling of living the pain. Much like buying an extra large packet of Cheetos and eating it while watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you know that it isn’t going to end well, but you just can’t stop!” Mathilde Anne.

An electrifying single from start to finish, Crime Scene Cadillac is super catchy and is up there with Mathilde Anne’s best work to date. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro