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Matt Xander Unleashes His Musical Madness With New Album, ‘Hip Hop Up Your Ass’

Australian hip-hop artist, Matt Xander recently revealed his new album, Hip Hop Up Your Ass. It’s eleven tracks of thought-provoking music that is delivered with a classic hip-hop delivery.

Kicking off with the infectious energy of Jumping The Shark, Xander effortlessly catapults us into his realm of unconventional thoughts, sharp lyricism, and cultural observations. The album unfolds as a rollercoaster of pure enjoyment, encapsulating the essence of a timeless Australian rap experience. Fused with wit and a dash of irreverence, Xander’s work becomes a testament to the sheer joy of entertainment, leaving listeners irresistibly tempted to hit the replay button as the last beat echoes into the distance.

A labour of passion and dedication, this album has been years in the making, meticulously crafted over a span of six years. The culmination is nothing short of a masterpiece, a true work of art adorned with irresistibly punchy hooks and a vocal delivery that bears the unmistakable signature of Matt Xander’s individuality.

It’s an alternative timeline as to the direction hip-hop should have gone if the hip-hop equivalent of Biff didn’t steal a sports almanac that affected music. – Matt Xander.

In every beat and lyric, Matt Xander’s album stands as a testament to the artist’s unwavering dedication, offering listeners a sonic tapestry that seamlessly weaves together years of creative evolution, delivering a truly unforgettable and uniquely Australian hip-hop experience. Hip Hop Up Your Ass is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro