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Maver Drops Elevating Debut EP, ‘Dream Machine’

Where would we be without Perth’s supply of aerated artists and commemorative music? Across the divide, year after year, we get to witness the birth of excess Western Australian talent, generously giving us their enchanting art in abundance. Maver is the latest to do so, with their electronic EP ‘Dream Machine’ sporting five tracks of succulent, inventive music that allows the listener to dissect the artist’s complexities and intricacies.

The appropriately titled ‘Intro’ kickstarts the proceedings, allowing multitudes of melodic stratums to collide in blissful polyphony, swelling and building, setting the tone for the subsequent stories and slices of Maver’s mind. Second track and lead single ‘Close Enough’ follows close on its heels, offering a shimmering electronic environment piloted by gorgeous vocals. The text painting matches the themes brilliantly, as the lyrics dive into subjects of love and infatuations, and how they push us to achieve our goals.

After that comes ‘Scratches’, a groovy, synth-laden track that elevates the EP’s charisma. Inspired by lockdowns and confinements, the song itself is about caring for those who are mentally frail and not coping well, traversing into the darker areas of Maver’s psyche, painted carefully through the dexterities of his art.

‘Loose Ends’ initiates a shift of mood with keyboards and melodies in the forefront, while the syncopated bass supports the depths of the track. While it thrives on repetition, it’s the variations of the recurring passages that give this song life and purpose, icing the cake for its fortifying hook.

The final track ‘In My Head’ closes out the EP in obscurer territories, its stimulating nature providing a final spirited hurl towards a conclusion. The synth chords and mechanical beats create an impervious backdrop for Maver to discuss his intimate turbulence, a nightmare disorder that has been a rippling catalyst for external impacts and internal experiences.

The pieces that make up ‘Dream Machine’ are like tiles of a mosaic, each as important as the next, making up the bigger picture and mapping out the narrative that takes place. The production and compositions match the matters brilliantly, whether it be relationships, miscommunication, isolation, or hallucinations, Maver finds a way to bring it to life through his artform. ‘Dream Machine’ unlocks depths of possibilities with its ingenious capabilities, a testimony to the events that have shaped the artist and developed their virtuosity.


Written by John Zebra