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Max Aurora Shares Top 4 Song Writing Heros

Enveloped in the captivating melodies of Naarm/Melbourne’s indie-rock sensation, Max Aurora & The Southern Lights, invites listeners to embark on a journey of introspection and the realisation of dreams morphing into tangible realities. With an uncanny ability to transform emotional reactions into poignant narratives that resonate deeply, the band unveils their much-anticipated first release of 2023, the enchanting single ‘How I Missed Home.’ Like a breath of fresh air, the song surges with sweet sincerity, leaving a lasting impact on all who immerse themselves in its evocative soundscapes.

To celebrate the release, Max has shared with us their top 4 song writing heros.

Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)
Billie is someone I idolised growing up, and although now I have grown out of thinking that way, I still get so excited listening to their music. American Idiot and Kerplunk are such vastly different albums in production and concept, but they are connected in their energy and honesty, which is what I love about Billie, plus the eyeliner and hairstyles I’ll admit are still my go-to.

Kate Bush
I bought the greatest hits of Kate Bush from an op shop after learning she was a huge influence on Gotye. She helped me realise the possibilities of writing songs based off stories and wild concepts, while creating a unique style. Hounds of Love is the epitome of this as half of the album is solid bangers, and the other half is a concept EP about a person waking up lost at sea.

Aimee Mann
A more recent, and possibly lesser known, songwriting hero of mine is American songwriter Aimee Mann. Her work spans from starting in an ’80s band called ‘Til Tuesday (check out the song Voices Carry) to largely writing songs for the ’90s film Magnolia, and to one of my favourite works of hers The Forgotten Arm (2005)a concept album about the relationship between a boxer and his partner who struggle with drug addiction. Aimee has such a rich voice, often writing with compassion from other characters’ perspectives.

David Le’aupepe (Gang of Youths)
Discovering David’s spark and poetic lyricism swept me off my feet in a whole new way. I’m in awe of the way his lyrics can be so raw, yet filled with a yearning to love to the fullest and to learn from pain. The fact that I was bawling my eyes out with a cathartic cry while watching hand of god/goal of the century live in Naarm / Melbourne in 2022 from a seat far away attests to how connective the songwriting is.

Max Aurora & The Southern Lights new single, How I Missed Home is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra