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‘Enemies’ Puts Mazy On Everyone’s Radars

Sydney three-piece Mazy are new, elegant and downright outstanding. The new outfit have come up with a perfect new effort—the synth-laden, psychedelic Enemies.

Following the independent release of their debut single, Heliar, the group have now signed to tastemaker, AJAX-founded label, Sweat It Out. Flirting with organic and inorganic, Mazy produce an incredible soundscape of indie-rock and synth-pop. The three members know the stage all too well, bringing in talent from groups such as New Navy, I Know Leopard, Gaspar Sanz and Winter People.

The crushing, dream-like nostalgia is something to be marvelled. Mazy have a tone and nail is perfectly. Sumptuous synths pile in like the tide washing in every morning, pilled over with striking electronics and perfectly harmonised vocals.

On the new single, the group explained it as a kinship between people, their beliefs and the cohesion between them. This is emphasised in the video—showing dancers wearing and doing the same thing as each other.

“Enemies is a statement on the underlying similarities between all people. We as a society tend to notice the differences, and then draw lines across them dividing people into categories like sex, race, class, age and religion. We wanted a song that expresses our belief, that we have so much more that binds us together across these divides than what separates us. In the end, we all want the same thing,” said Mazy.

Stream Enemies below. Mazy are also playing their first live show later this month in Sydney.

Mazy Live Dates

107 Projects, Redfern

Written by Jake Wilton