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Melbourne Doom Rockers Holy Serpent Release 70s Jam

Holy Serpent

Skate rockers Holy Serpent have released the thundering lead single from their upcoming album ‘Temples’. The quartet, which formed in 2014, plays a brand of heavy rock which features crashing drums, down-tuned guitar riffs, and howling vocals.

Toward The Sands epitomises their signature sound, somewhere between the lovechild of Black Sabbath and Alice In Chains. The vocals in the track particularly highlight Layne Stayley-esque lament. This cross between two well known bands’ sounds is particularly interesting, as the Sabbath-like riffs pair well with the grunge tone of the song. Essentially, fans of many rock genres will dig this as this track has something for everybody.

Though the band members are casual skateboarders themselves, this activity directly influences the sound of the music with slow grooving passages shifting on a dime into fast thrill-ride riffs. This feels fresh, as a sense of unpredictability is always good to hear in new bands…the new frontier, if you will.

Vocalist and guitarist Scott Penberthy says “We’ve found playing slow all the time got a tad boring so we’ve mixed it up a bit with tempo changes and added more parts to each song to make them sort of flow like a story. The challenge was making sure it still flowed as it should. ‘All killer no filler’ was a bit of a motto this time around when writing the songs”.

Holy Serpent’s upcoming album ‘Temples’ is set for release on Friday, September 30th.

Holy Serpent Album