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Melbourne Duo Yuto Team Up With BOY SODA To Bring The Fun Jam ‘Apple & Peach’

Melbourne duo Yuto have teamed up with Sydney hip-hop artist BOY SODA for the new collaborative single Apple & Peach. Yuto are Daylan and Coben McDonald, two very talented brothers who make a unique blend of electro-pop with twists of RnB, hip-hop and soul music.

The new single Apple & Peach is one of those tracks that came to them naturally, it was quick and easy to throw together and BOY SODA was the ideal fit to add vocally.

“We wrote, recorded & mixed this song super quickly at our home studio in Melbourne. After working with BOY SODA on our previous single ‘Hazy’, we were really keen to work with him again so we sent him the demo for ‘Apple & Peach’. He got back to us pretty much straight away and he absolutely nailed it.” – Yuto.

“The song to me was a fun way to look at my horrific money management skills through a funny story line haha. We’ve all thought at some point ‘If only money grew on trees’ because financial stress is the worst and I wanted to look at it in a light way.” – BOY SODA

The boys have been having a killer time experimenting with all different genres, styles and soundscapes and Apple & Peach is the perfect result of experimentation.

“We have never heard music like this before, especially in Australia, so we are super keen to see the response to this new single. It’s a blend of electronic music with a whole lot of other stuff thrown in, and that excites us.

A goal of ours is to have an undistinguishable song that people just froff on (best feeling as a listener). We want to surprise the listener and keep them on their toes, and we feel ‘Apple & Peach’ could be that song.” – Yuto.

Apple & Peach is available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra