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MYAMI Returns With Haunting Ballad “Take Me”

Forget crying in a heap over Adele, there’s a new heartbreaking songstress in town – Myami! The 2015 breakthrough artist has unleashed a new ethereal single and video, Take Me, which is sure to sneak under your skin.

Featuring her own blend of RnB and electro-pop, the ballad rockets through striking melodies, as Myami battles through the inner-workings of her mind. Buried under a veil of smoke, she trips through memory fragments that flash on the projector behind her.

A creeping piano is chased fervently by an echoey Imogen Heap-style vocals, and pushed by a pulsating rhythm. It will undoubtedly overwhelm you due to its vulnerable lyrics, and simple instrumental landscape.

If this is a taste of what’s to come, Myami will soon become one of Australia’s most wanted. Her fruitful lyrics, and rhythmically driven tracks are contagious, and hauntingly beautiful. Check out Take Me below!