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Memory Castles Give Us Another Massive Single, ‘Money’

Adelaide pop-rock outfit Memory Castles have unveiled their next instalment for 2021 with the single, Money. It follows on from their huge track, Burning Down and is taken from their forthcoming EP, Pretty Monsters due out on July 23.

Money hits the spot almost immediately with it’s infectious bassline, topped off with some toe tapping drum patters and Jess Cumes familiar vocal delivery. Things take off in chorus with some massive guitar work and a classic lyrical hook. Money lyrically touches on some more internal issues that frontman Cumes has had to deal with over time, it was written about the anxieties that can arise when dating someone.

“Money is essentially about being desperately insecure and anxious when dating someone. It’s about the fear of being a disappointment or not good enough for your partner whilst at the same time pushing them away through your own insecurity, a self-fulfilling prophecy aided by mental illness, self-destructive behaviour and self-deprecating humour.” – Jesse Cumes

Once again Memory Castles have shown us that they’re the real deal when it comes to big time powerful hooks and catchy melodies. Money is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro