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We Can’t Believe How Good Meredith’s New Track Is!


It’s Wednesday! You know what that means – the halfway mark. If the matchsticks can’t hold your eyes open any longer, maybe Meredith’s opulently sinister single How Could You Believe That will get you through.

This unsettling track ventures deep into the veins of toxic relationship that has circulated beyond the sufferers, to those closest to them. Meredith overlooks the flailing attempts of a lover drowning in their own delusions.

A twinkling ringing introduces the track, as Meredith’s silky vocals soothe the ticking beat. As the verse comes to a close, everything vanishes for a second, before the synth-laden, chastising chorus ensues. This song is painfully relatable as it captures the maddening frustration we’ve all felt after warning a friend who never listens.

With a looming music video, and a new EP in the works, Meredith is one to watch. You can also catch her at San Cisco’s shows in Brisbane this April. Check out How Could You Believe That below.

Meredith, Supporting San Cisco

The Triffid, Brisbane
THUR 28 APRIL (Soldout)
The Triffid, Brisbane

Get Tickets HERE