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Merryn Jeann’s Enchanting Musical Tale Takes Flight with ‘NUN AT THE AIRPORT’

Just last week, the talented Australian singer-songwriter Merryn Jeann opened a window into her musical world, introducing us to ‘NUN AT THE AIRPORT,’ the inaugural single from her highly-anticipated debut full-length album, DOG BEACH. With production helmed by Rob Ellis, known for his work with iconic artists like PJ Harvey, Marianne Faithfull, and Torres, this track is a captivating blend of whimsy and introspection. Drawing inspiration from a spellbinding encounter during her pandemic-era travels, Merryn Jeann invites listeners to embark on a transformative musical voyage of their own.

Amidst the global upheaval brought on by the pandemic, Merryn Jeann embarked on an unforeseen odyssey, making her way from her Parisian residence back to her homeland of Australia. Navigating the intricate web of international travel restrictions, her journey took an intriguing turn as she found herself in Frankfurt Airport. Here, she faced an obligatory and costly pre-flight quarantine, adding an unexpected chapter to her travels.

From her room, Merryn enjoyed a singular perspective, peering out over the entrance foyer of the airport. The scene below was a surreal tableau of emptiness, a stark contrast to what airports typically represent. Yet, amidst this eerie stillness, a moment etched itself into her memory. As she looked out of her window, an unexpected sight unfolded before her eyes: a small congregation of nuns, their presence standing out like a beacon in the deserted space.

“As I peered out my hotel room window, I saw a small flock of nuns silently bustling around, heading up on the escalator to check in. I wondered what they were doing and imagined they were feeling far from god, and the only way they could get closer to the divine again was to literally get on an aeroplane and ask what the hell was going on.” – Merryn Jeann.

Stepping boldly into her upcoming journey as a solo artist, Merryn Jeann crafts a musical narrative that is both deeply introspective and adventurous. Her latest work draws inspiration from the evocative sounds of the ’90s and early 2000s, infusing her music with an air of nostalgia. Exploring uncharted sonic territories, “NUN AT THE AIRPORT” marks Merryn’s maiden voyage into the eclectic realm of alt-pop. By blending elements of New Wave and Post-Punk, she forges a pop sensibility that is uniquely her own, signaling the dawn of a new era for Merryn Jeann and her boundless artistic expression, unapologetically unrestricted by genre constraints.

With “NUN AT THE AIRPORT,” Merryn Jeann invites us on a sonic journey where nostalgia meets innovation, promising an exciting chapter in her ever-evolving musical odyssey.

Written by Chris Lamaro