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Meshuggah Get Trippy With Innovative Music Video “Nostrum”


Extreme metal lords Meshuggah have offered up another slice of delicious djenty goodness with latest single Nostrum. Containing everything you love about the Swedish veterans, the new single also boasts an interactive and visually disturbing 360 degree lyric video.

A subtle dissonant chord opens the song, leading way to a storm of aggressive drums and off-beat muted guitar chords. Vocalist Jens Kidman welcomes the listener to this sonic storm with his powerful signature roar, soaring over the aural frenzy that Meshuggah are so well known for. A blistering, disturbingly atonal guitar solo from lead guitarist Fredrik Thordendal climaxes the song, well and truly solidifying the feeling of being trapped in a nightmarish frenzy.

The word Nostrum is defined as “a scheme or remedy for bringing about some social or political reform or improvement”. No strangers to lyrical imagery, Meshuggah are once again bringing story and meaning to their music. Blaring like a well-oiled machine, the industrial thundering of the song is paralleled in the lyrics, “An industry rapt with avarice/medicating blind its acolytes”. It is clear that Meshuggah are here to send a message with their latest offerings.

Accompanying the track is a 360 degree video featuring an animated version of their upcoming album’s artwork and the lyrics of the song. Turning the image to-and-fro gives the viewer a dizzying sensation which, when accompanied by the aggressive sonic assault, ties the visual and aural experience together.

Hidden amongst the artwork are the lyrics to the song, requiring the listeners to be engaged with the video, resulting in an innovative and creative method of interactivity not often seen in music videos.

Meshuggah’s upcoming album ‘The Violent Sleep of Reason’ is due for release on Friday, October 7th. Check out the video for Nostrum and upcoming Aussie tour dates below!

Meshuggah Australian Tour 2017

The Tivoli, Brisbane
Enmore Theatre, Sydney
170 Russell, Melbourne
Metropolis, Fremantle

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