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Midnight Pool Party Drop Summer Anthem, ‘BADDIE ERA’

Sydney-based electronic duo and AAA faves, Midnight Pool Party, have returned today with another absolute dance floor heater, BADDIE ERA. The attitude-packed track follows their previous 2023 releases, Stamina and Open Your Mind and closes out the year with a massive bang for the pair.

Baddie Era carries all the elements of what we’ve come to expect from Midnight Pool Party: thick thumping kicks, earth-shattering bass lines and an acid-style bass hook that will blow dance floors to bits this summer.

The track is a dedication to the duo’s hard work, resilience and how far they’ve come in their time, as they want to remind us it’s never too late in life to jump into the world and grab your goals!

“We’re both in our 30’s now and we’ve both been through all the trials and tribulations that life brings such as relationships, identity crisis, career road bumps, personal insecurities, creative blocks etc. You can hear all of these things in most of our early songs, back when we were more vulnerable and still figuring things out.

Fast forward to now and we are so much surer of ourselves, not just personally but also creatively.

At first listen, lyrically this song may sound a bit obnoxious, but it’s just a cheeky song celebrating how far we’ve come and that we’re damn proud of who we are as people, and that it’s never too late to kill it in life.!” Midnight Pool Party.

This one is a perfect addition to your late-night hype playlists to get you pumped for a good night out on the town. Baddie Era is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro