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Mike O’Dowd Unveils New Single, ‘Game Of Love’ plus Announces Debut Album

Unveiling his latest musical endeavour, Game Of Love, indie-folk virtuoso Mike O’Dowd captivates listeners with a burst of musical energy. This invigorating single, a preview from his highly anticipated album One Lover Leaves, scheduled to drop on September 29, showcases O’Dowd’s exceptional artistry and sets the stage for an eagerly awaited musical journey.

Marking his entry into the music scene, One Lover Leaves, the inaugural album by Mike O’Dowd, presents an unfiltered and sincere expedition into the intricacies of love and the vast spectrum of human feelings. O’Dowd’s enthralling narrations and eloquent verses weave together to form a profoundly sentimental and contemplative musical collection.

“This album is about the breakdown of a relationship. The songs chronicle how I was feeling at each particular moment. I tried to not censor or second guess myself in any way during the writing process. Because of this, I feel certain truths are embedded in the songs. I’m still discovering exactly what a lot of them mean, but I know the album is honest and every line is true. That’s the most important part for me.”  – Mike O’Dowd.

Taking the lead as the album’s inaugural track, ‘Game Of Love’ illuminates Mike O’Dowd’s versatile musical prowess in a vivacious new hue. This song harmoniously fuses mellow country-blues guitar melodies and understated bass undertones with the vigor of a resounding, reverb-laden drum kit, culminating in an unprecedented and dynamic auditory experience.

Elevated by a captivating music video, ‘Game Of Love’ transports viewers into the songwriter’s introspective world, rekindling memories through the lens of Super8 home movies. Crafted with finesse by Tom Dunphy (known for works with Maple Glider, Leah Senior, The Murlocs), these visual sequences, captured on 16mm film, amplify the poignant sense of nostalgia that permeates the song.

Mike O’Dowd’s new single, Game Of Love is available now, everywhere while his album, One Lover Leaves is set for release on September 29.

Written by Chris Lamaro