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Millionaire Q & A: Kate Martin

Kate Martin Press shot

Melbourne songstress Kate Martin will be playing her first live shows in two years when she launches her latest single Kintsukuroi later this month. We asked the alt-pop artist how she’d approach having some serious dough in the bank and the inspiration behind naming a song after the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer.

You’ve just won Gold Lotto, what’s the first thing you do with your significantly larger bank account?

I’d go dancing every night for a week…then I’d put my family on an overseas-bound aeroplane. I always told my parents that if I got rich I’d send them around the world. I guess I’d have to follow through on my word.

How much would you spend on your ‘dream home’, and what makes it so dreamy?

My ‘dream home’ would be a revamped warehouse with a contemporary/industrial interior and a built-in studio with a designated writing room.. oh and a big roof-top garden with a panorama view. I wouldn’t want to trade homeliness for extravagance but if there was a way of combining the two then I’d be down for that, warmth and character is everything! Somewhere close to the city but far enough away to breathe. Based on these hypothetical elements I’m assuming this ‘dream home’ could end up being a little pricey…

Would you prefer to be a full scale, high profile socialite or a low key, big wallet everyday person?

Sometimes I refer to myself as a 50/50 introvert/extrovert, I’m a bit chameleon in that way. I probably sit somewhere in the middle to be honest, but if I had to choose I’d go with ‘big wallet everyday person’.

If you and your winnings had the power to eradicate one thing from the world, what would it be?

There are so many things that need to be eradicated from the world so this is difficult to answer. Broadly speaking, many of the world’s issues stem from corruption (on many levels). If money could eradicate corruption then I think many subsequent global issues would no longer exist. Also I would eradicate the rule that says you can’t have dogs in apartments.

Given the new millionaire status, would you continue being a musician or call for early retirement?

Always a musician!! Never not a musician! I don’t think it’s possible to retire from something that’s so much a part of you. Plus it would be a dream to comfortably fund my own projects without the worry of debt.

We’re loving your single Kintsukuroi, what was the story or inspiration behind the track?

Thank you! When I first heard about Kintsukuroi I was immediately inspired by the concept. I was really drawn in by the idea that something or rather someone can be more beautiful for having been broken. It’s the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold lacquer, once repaired, the golden lines show clearly where the piece was once fragmented and shattered.

Kintsukuroi doesn’t disguise brokenness, it celebrates it! That idea really resonated with me. I think brokenness is a part of life that defines and refines us. My single Kintsukuroi follows the same line of thought as the art form ‘Kintsukuroi’, only I interpreted it as a metaphor for the human condition.

You’ve got so many cool things happening in your music, who are influences and inspiration for your music?

I’m fortunate in the sense that I’ve always had music around me. My Mum and Dad were both great musicians and I absorbed a lot of music during my upbringing. The other cool thing about my parents is that they never forced me as a kid to commit completely to one interest (I know the opposite approach works for some), but that freedom gave me the inspiration and uninhibited drive to find my own way musically. In the formative years leading up my to move to Melbourne there was a lot of great music coming out of the Townsville music scene which shaped my first and even second album greatly!

Earlier this year I was in LA writing with different people and I really got a sense of where some specific visionary production that I love is stemming from, the likes of Flying Lotus, Thundercat etc. It’s not just music and artists who inspire me though, I tend to find it’s so much about ‘what’ inspires me not just ‘who’ inspires me. It’s also an environment thing.

Environments generate a feeling and certain environments and feelings are more conducive to inspiration. Of late I’ve been feeling at my most creative when I’m flying on planes at night. It’s weird. I just get this transient feeling like I’m in a dream or something, I get a momentary sense of being removed from the world and that tends to spark a lot of ideas. I’m inspired by anything that shifts my perspective, even if only for a brief second.

Lastly, what are three things people should know about your upcoming album ‘Set My Life To Fire’?

First, the album is due to be released later this year. Second, I’ll be performing 8 out of the 10 tracks live with my band at my upcoming Kintsukuroi single launches. Third, ‘Set My Life To Fire’ is my third album and nothing like anything I’ve made before.

Kate Martin Kintsukuroi Single Launch

Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
The Workers Club, Melbourne

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Written by Sam Muggleton