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Milwaukee Banks Gets Spiritual With New Single ‘Reincarnated’

Milwaukee Banks

Melbourne hip-hop and electronic duo Milwaukee Banks emerged from the studio late last year to drop Faded, the killer first taste of their upcoming debut album. They’re now back at it again with an equally epic new single Reincarnation.

The duo has definitely kicked it up a notch in terms of both production and lyrical quality. They successfully intertwine the dark beat with defiant and at times even hopeful lyrics and the result is a wonderfully atmospheric and moody track that still packs a punch.

Speaking on their inspiration, Dyl and Edo Thomas explained, “We like exploring the supernatural as inspiration for new material. The idea of reincarnation is spiritual (something we truly believe in) but it’s also reflected in the cyclical nature of society.

“We’re rebirthing the good and the bad, over and over again. We’ve see it all before but we can’t break this cycle. You wonder if the world is even changing for the better sometimes. Or if it’s changing at all,” said Dyl and Edo.

If these first two tracks are any indication of what is to come, you better circle Friday 18 March on your calendar because ‘Deep Into The Night’ is not album you’ll want to miss.