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Miss Lucy Takes Us For a Ride In The Clouds With His New EP, ‘Contactless’

Following on from a slew of successful releases throughout 2022 and his latest single, Chocolate, Meanjin/Brisbane-based indie-pop project Miss Lucy has unveiled his dynamic six-track EP, Contactless.

Unleashing a captivating blend of electrifying, subaquatic funk harmonies and irresistible rhythms, indie pop sensation Blair Condon (widely known as Miss Lucy) has been building anticipation for his highly anticipated inaugural masterpiece since the success of his previous hit, ‘Still Got Hearts (On My Phone)’, which took the music scene by storm just last year. With a penchant for crafting vibrant melodies that delve deep into the listener’s soul, Miss Lucy is poised to make a resounding statement with his forthcoming debut.

Emerging as a remarkable artistic endeavour born amidst the pandemic chaos, the enthralling six-track EP came to life during a remarkably productive week in 2020. Miss Lucy, harnessing the power of solitude, deftly transformed moments of isolation into wellsprings of inspiration, all while navigating the aftermath of a profound romantic chapter. The result is a testament to the resilience and creative ingenuity, as each poignant composition resonates with the raw emotions and personal growth experienced during this transformative period.

“Contactless is a collection of songs that were mostly about a previous relationship that fell apart just before the pandemic, it felt extremely liberating to be able to put these emotions down on paper that I had been feeling during a time that I couldn’t express them to the actual person. And who knows, maybe they’ll never know about these songs.”  – Miss Lucy.

Melding vintage songwriting methods with a contemporary pop soundscape, Miss Lucy seamlessly blends elements of the past with a dash of modernity, drawing inspiration from acclaimed acts like Phoenix and 070 Shake. Guided by a fervent passion for innovation, he employs diverse collaborative techniques, crafting a sonic landscape that epitomises his unique style of synth-infused electro-pop. With the expert recording prowess of Matt McGuffie (IVEY) lending a hand, Miss Lucy’s music springs forth in all its vibrant glory, leaving listeners captivated by the rich tapestry of sounds that unfold.

“During 2021 Matt McGuffie and I got together every few weeks for a session and massaged out all the harsh edges of my home recordings to turn it into something listenable. It kind of felt funny in a way because seeing Matt regularly made it feel very opposite of what I’ve been trying to say on the EP, in the sense that we just got to express everything to each other almost every week.” – Miss Lucy.

Featuring previously released tracks, Chocolate, Still Got Hearts (on my phone) and the dreamy single, New Threads, Contactless is stacked with a further three previously unreleased tunes resulting in a perfect fusion of a fun, loveable dream pop EP. It’s available now, everywhere, with a limited run of vinyl available HERE.

Written by John Zebra