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Miss Universe Pageant Q & A: Thom Lion

Thom Lion

After a year locked away in the studio, Adelaide musician Thom Lion has finally released new music! If his latest single Mess At Best is anything to go by we’re all in for a real treat when he drops his EP sometime in the next few months. Ahead of launching the single at Adelaide’s Fringe Festival, we thought we’d ask the scruffy musician a few hypothetical questions about competing to be crowned Miss Universe.

Which country would you proudly represent?

I had a student from Mexico come live with me for a few months a while back, he seemed pretty unpredictable, fun and care free. So I’d like to represent Mexico.

Would your dress be elegant or flaunt a certain area of your body?

I feel as though people would be missing out if I didn’t flaunt my chest hair. It’s just started growing at random lately and it shapes into a semi love heart, so I’d wear a dress to really accentuate that area.

How would you, as Miss Universe, combat world peace?

Combat world peace?? I would throw even more world peace up in this place as to overwhelm the world with peace!

What would be your talent to show off to the judges?

I used to be a break dancer for several years so maybe I could whip out some moves, hopefully without sustaining too many injuries! I would then try to battle the other contestants with Run-DMC playing in the background.

If you came runner up would you be humble or arrogant?

I think my initial feeling would be arrogance, but lately I’ve learnt to let emotions slide by before I open my mouth and get myself into trouble. So it’d be humble on the exterior while being pissed off on the inside.

If you were wrongly crowned what would you do?

I’d savour that moment for a minute but then I’d give it straight to the deserving winner, that sort of thing would weigh on my conscience!

As Miss Universe, should you outrank Presidents and Prime Ministers?

Hmmmm well we live in an era where someone like Donald Trump can contend for president so I think I should out-rank these politicians, if only to filter some of the ludicrous things they want to do!

What are the greatest lessons you’ve learnt between starting out as a band to now?

Definitely people management and emotional intelligence. Always check in to make sure everyone is happy and feels invested in the band, make sure everyone is clear on their role and what is expected, and continuously highlight the positives each person brings to the table.

You’re occasionally named Thom Lion & The Tamers, what animal would be best at taming?

Oh man it would have to be dogs. I love dogs and my friends think I have this weird ability to make angry dogs calm down – when I was a kid I wanted to be a Vet.

Finally, your new single Mess At Best is out now, but are you the best at mess?

I would be the world champion at mess if I let myself go. I’ve been known to leave (clean) washing on the couch UNFOLDED for over a week when things are hectic. Also, once I forgot to mow the lawns when it was MY designated day. So yeah, I can get pretty loose.

Thom Lion Single Launch
The Garden of Unearthly, Adelaide