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Your MMVAF 2017 Survival Packing List

We love a good festival as much as the next person—after all, where else can you see a lineup of the year’s biggest acts and bond with potential new best friends in glitter-covered clothing and gum boots? That being said, there are a few things you should never be without if you want to make it out of an day-long fun fest alive.

  • Sunscreen. Shade ain’t a thing at the golf course, so unless you’re trying to burn body paint markings into your skin, this one is a must. Responsible AF.
  • A raincoat. MMVAF 2016 ended in a downpour to rival the final Client Liaison’s epic mic drop, and everyone without so much as a raincoat was forced to huddle under a tree or sprint all the way back to their car.
  • A phone. Even if the data isn’t working, you’ll need something to take pictures with so you can prove you were there. You might just have to wait until it’s over to post your FOMO-inducing snaps all over Facebook.
  • A jacket. One of the downsides of day-long festivals is the post-6pm chill that forces every half-naked, glitter-covered girl to put on a brave face. You’ll be glad you brought one when you’re warm and your friends are shivering their way from one stage to the next. Alternatively, get to like the middle of the moshpit – the body heat of a few hundred hardcore fans will get you through the night.
  • A friend. Everyone knows festivals are better with your mates, but if you’re going it alone, don’t be afraid to make friends with other festival punters. There’s no one quite as easy to get along with as an overjoyed, festival-vibed group of girls in line for the portaloos.
  • A water bottle. Unless you want to spend your hard-earned cash on premium Mt Franklin or end up passing out from dehydration, bring a bottle of water. Believe it or not, there are other options of beverages at the bars, too.
  • The playing times. Good thing MMVAF only has one stage because clashes are a thing if the past at this music festival. Throw out those highlighters as the only thing drawing your attention is the one main stage and The Love Suite—an escape and chill out area with arts, crafts and some of Australia’s best up-and-coming DJ’s spinning some crisp tunes.
  • A car. Plenty of festivals will encourage you to catch public transport, but when it’s all over and you’re cold, tired, and covered in other people’s sweat, you’ll be glad you brought a four-wheeled escape mechanism.

Check out our highlights from last year below, and don’t miss Maroochy Music and Vis Arts Festival when it hits the Sunshine Coast next month—tickets are selling fast!

Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Festival 2017 Lineup

Alison Wonderland
The Presets
Bernard Fanning
Gang of Youths
Anna Of The North (Norway)
Northeast Party House
Billy Davis & The Good Lords
Willaris. K
Tim Fuchs

Visual Arts:

Lucas Salton
Frank & Mimi
Bonnie Jenkins
Design Lab vs Tiamco
Rhys Gordon
Conrad Square
Sepik Totems
Thom Stuart
Jake Reston

Maroochy Music & Visual Arts Festival 2017
26 AUG 2017
Old Horton Park Golf Course, Sunshine Coast

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Written by Jess Martyn