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Monti Korbelle Reveals Genre Defying Album, ‘The Absolute State of the Absolute State’

US artist Monti Korbelle has just revealed his dynamic new album, The Absolute State of The Absolute State. The 16-track album covers a wide variety of audio delivery and showcases Korbelle’s adventurous songwriting ability.

Following his previous album, Healing, Nothing More, this new offering sees Monti back in his full creative mode. From the opening sounds of the intro track Going In, the album is set up for an infectious groove that is captivating and catchy, journeying around a super generous genre offering; there is a track for all music lovers, the second track in, Fervent citizen hits you like some of the most badass hip hop vibes you’ve ever heard. Pushing these boundaries brings out the best of Korbelle and his playful production and artistic approach. From here on out it’s hit after hit as we reach the deep and peaceful ending in closing track, Into The Moon. It’s a full body of work that you’ll hit replay on the moment it finishes.

The album took a full year of writing and experimentation before its completion and saw Monti push himself to the creative edge, the final result is that of pure class and artistic expression beyond the norm.

“I lost my mind making an album like this, truly. It’s an album of insanity in its many forms. I’ve recovered my sanity now that the album is complete, maybe.”Monti Korbelle.

The Absolute State of the State is a musical journey filled with vivid storytelling, ground-breaking production and heartfelt vocals. It’s a captivating audio experience like no other. It’s available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro